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A Sensory Motor Approach to Feeding in the Down syndrome Population
A Sensory Motor Approach to Feeding in the Down syndrome Population
Course Description This one day class focuses on the development of oral sensory motor skills...
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TALK TOOLS WORKSHOPS Unraveling TOTs: Beyond the Basics
TALK TOOLS WORKSHOPS Unraveling TOTs: Beyond the Basics
The TalkTools® Conference Initiative has proven to be a game-changer for our Training Program by pr...
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My preferred reccommendation - proPREEFER
My preferred reccommendation - proPREEFER
"Oral motor therapy exercise: Roll the proPreefer (or the Z-Vibe with the Preefer attachment) up a...
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World Down Syndrome Day (or a week?) - promotion
World Down Syndrome Day (or a week?) - promotion
Not only for our exceptional children: T-vibes for sensory treatment, Constructive plates for pic...
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May the New Year 2021 bring you more happiness, blessings and love! ...

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    The LIPER™ DEVICE POST LASER V STRETCH was designed to maintain integrity of the release via Active Wound Management and to decrease compensatory humping or cupping of the tongue post release.

  • Vibrator and toothette


    T-Vibe is the tool used for the diagnosis and treatment of the sensory integration disorders as well as oral hypersensitivity treatments. The tool is also useful in the dysphagia treatment – Toothette spatulas can be freely shaped and immersed in food of different consistency and texture, such as crushed cookies or jam.



    Produkt do szybkiej dezynfekcji i mycia nieinwazyjnych wyrobów medycznych, gotowy do użycia. Ma zastosowanie do dezynfekcji zabawek.



    Chewy tube for adults, navy blue - an alternative to the mandibular red tube - intended for children due to the pressure force of the jaws.
    Tubes are prescribed by specialists to develop biting and chewing skills,
    exercise the sideways movements of the tongue, to stimulate the temporomandibular joint and in bruxism.

  • Therapeutic bottle Teddy Bear


    The bottle is especially addressed to children with limited mobility of the mandible (the patient has problems with mandibular deviation) and protrusion of the tongue (interdental) like children with Down syndrome, Patients with weak sucking reflexes.

  • Z-vibe POPETTE tip


    This tip allows mounting of lollipops, toothette tips, oral swabs and other tips for oral hygiene or 

    massage into the Z-vibe.



    REREK vibrator is highly recommended for rhotacizm therapy.



    This carrying case with the Z-vibe, tips, grabber and probes is used in speech therapy in different environments, ranging from schoolsand kindergartens, and ending with the hospitals and occupational therapy centers.



    Ergonomiczy kształt, superwydajna bateria, opcje inteligentnego wyboru programu, nie wymuszające odłożenia wibratora podczas zmiany trybu, wreszcie- moc 100/50 Hz, pionowe wibracje i zakres stosowania - wszystko to sprawia, że NOVAFON jest  kompletnym produktem dla profesjonalisty- logopedy i fizjoterapeuty i łatwym dla użytkownika docelowego.

  • Whisperphone large


    Whisperphone large - plastic phone-like tube, when placed by the ear, allows hearing patient’s own voice with up to 12% magnification.