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If Jezus...
If Jezus...
...was born in our times, he would probably practice chewing on BABY grabbers! All in one - text...
Start from the jaw!
Start from the jaw!
Competition? It is known that it is the consumer who benefits best. The products in our offer devou...
TalkTools® Sensory Baby Chewys™
TalkTools® Sensory Baby Chewys™
It was obvious that BABY CHEWYS from Talk Tools would appear in our offer: bristling, spiky, groove...
During the first stage of swallowing
During the first stage of swallowing
..."the tongue tip is elevated to occlude the anterior part of the oral cavity at the alveoral ridg...
Facial Flex is back!
Facial Flex is back!
"As the facial muscles become stronger, they shorten and flatten, causing the attached skin to beco...

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Z-VIBE tips

We offer full range of tips for the Z-vibe - the most popular tool in every SLP praxis.

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  • Z-vibe SQUEEZER tip


    Invented by Angeliki Xygka, BSc/MSc, SLP - Greek Speech Therapist and developed by ARK, Squeezer Tips are motor tools specially designed to make biting and closing the mouth easier. The V shape provides resistance when squeezing - ideal for jaw exercises.

  • Z-vibe weighted tip


    Metal-made weighted tip for the Z-vibe or Sensi

  • Z-vibe spoon tip large textured


    The large spoon for the Z-vibe, textured at the bottom of it. (BUMPY)

  • Z-vibe tip flat spoon textured


    A flat spoon designed for specialist feeding; due to its texture, we can use it when introducing hard and granular meals and for exercises of the R sound with a REREK speech therapy vibrator.

  • Z-vibe hard spoon tip textured


    Designed by feeding therapist Debbie Lowsky the Spoon Tip, is an ultimate product to support easy feeding and food removal. Use it to "wake up" the mouth, increase awareness, and provide stimulation to the lips, tongue, cheeks, and jaw.  A wonderful tool for any sensory mealtime treatment plan, these Spoon Tips have helped many therapists and parents get tube-fed children on their first solid foods.

  • Z-vibe button tip set I


    A set of two larger tips (size 3- 4) for the Z-vibe (and SENSI) vibratory oral-motor tools, thanks to which you can exercise the facial muscles around the mouth. The ends are shaped like a button. Try the old speech therapy school in a new technological version.

  • Z-vibe jaw tip


    The lower jaw is the key site of oromotor therapy. It is the stability and strength of the lower jaw that gives the tongue and lips the basis of the skills that are important for correct articulation and eating.

  • Z-vibe spoon tip large


    An ARK spoon for the Z-vibe is not only a feeding tool! Its also very popular as a REREk attachment, used in vibrating R sound therapy.



    Timeless speechtool used to pull and push the tongue into the desired placement, but these, with the Z-vibe gentle vibration, made by ARK Therapeutic are just much more.



    Works with ARK speech therapy vibrators, like Z-vibe or REREK; it was designed to promote a sustained bite and to improve jaw strength and stability and for practicing biting and chewing.

  • Z-vibe BITE TUBE tip


    BITE TUBES are specially designed for targeted, functional biting, chewing practice, and therapeutic feeding exercises.

    Similar to the Bite-n-Chew Tip XL, but with a hollow center for soft foods, such as yogurth, applesauce, baby foods, etc.

  • Z-vibe ROLLER tip


    The ROLLER tip for the Z-vibe

    is intended for use in disorders of the temporomandibular joint, bruxism, ulnar nerve pain in the elbow, massage of the facial muscles, spasticity around the mouth gap of nervous origin.

  • Z-vibe TONGUE TIP


    Tip for the Z-vibe, REREK, WIGGLER and Sensi 

    vibratory tools is used for tongue lateralization and elevation as well as for isometric exercises.

  • Z-vibe FINE tip


    With oblong striates at the stem and pointed at the end, fine tip for the Z-vibe is perfect for the neuromotor points massage (e.g. Castillo Morales method) and for various tongue exercises.

  • Z-vibe DOG tip


    The dog tip is funtastic tool for oral stimulation and sensory input both within the oral cavity and around the lips and face. Intended for an extraoral massage. This pup's friendly face immediately sparks interest, improves concentration, and increases a child's willingness to participate in therapy. Each tip has a variety of shapes and textures for sensory input both within the oral cavity and around the lips and face. 



    Blue, elastic, constructed of medical grade materials spoon tip for the Z-vibe intended for therapeutic feeding.



    The bite and chew XL textured tip was designed to promote a sustained bite and to improve jaw strength and stability and for practicing biting and chewing.



    THE MOUSE TIPS for the Z-vibe are used for oral stimulation and sensory input both within the oral cavity and around the lips and face. Intended for an extraoral massage.

    What is important- mouse’s ears can be used as spoons for feeding therapy.



    Bite and chew tip Tip for use with the  Z-vibe or Sensi vibes

    - short (small) and green

  • Z-vibe PROBE tip


    Probe tip for the Z-vibe

    is the most popular Z-vibe tip in the offer, used to stimulate the gums, palate, cheeks, and tongue through rubbing massage, striped side - with sliding movements perpendicular to the course of the texture; used for tongue massage in infants.

    FEELING ACTIVATES THE ARTICULATORS - the PROBE head is great preparation for tongue exercises, it can be used in desensitization and in developing tolerance to new textures of food in the mouth.

  • Z-vibe PREEFER TIP


    The preefer is the best Z-vibe tip for extraoral massage of the lip and to use intraorally when working on lateral tongue movements. It is also perfect tip for extraoral therapy, especially of the circular muscle of the mouth - longitudinal strapping facilitates massage with cylindrical movements; it is perfect for lateral tongue massage - the patient quickly learns the ability to twist the tongue and side movements, which is useful in feeding therapy. The PREEFER Z-vibe tip is also used to stimulate the gums and cheeks and for massage aimed at the protrusion of the lips - then the position of the spatula is perpendicular to the mouth.

  • Z-vibe MINI tip


    With bumpy texture on one side and the cross striated texture on the other, it can be used for gums, palate, cheeks and tongue stimulation.


  • Z-vibe BRUSH tip hard


    Z-vibe BRUSH TIP HARD  is an extraordinary tool for delicate orofacial stimulation. The undoubted advantage of using the ZV brush spatula is the possibility of stimulating deep feeling and reaching with a sensory stimulus to those patients who require very gentle stimulation in the oro-facial area.