Z-vibe jaw tip


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The lower jaw is the key site of oromotor therapy. It is the stability and strength of the lower jaw
that gives the tongue and lips the basis of the skills that are important for correct articulation and eating.


The ARK company offers special Y Z-vibe tips

that allow you to exercise the lower jaw.
Let us remember that some patients require special stimuli to preserve the neuromuscular feeling,
hence the idea that vibrations could be added to the appropriate height of such a tip / block.

Three sizes of tips provide different training heights.

ORANGE - thin (high lower jaw)

MAGENTA - medium (medium opening)

GREEN-BLUE - thick (low jaw - wide opening)

Each of the arms of the "butterfly" has a different thickness.

ARK Z-vibe tips are BPA, PVC, latex, phthalate and lead free


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