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May the New Year 2021 bring you more happiness, blessings and love! ...
TIC TONGS are back!
TIC TONGS are back!
Tasty and colorfull Brazilian tongue depressors are on stock.
Present the spoon sideways...
Present the spoon sideways...
Does your child stick out the tongue out of the mouth when feeding?Or maybe you need a tool to work...
DEAR CUSTOMERS, if you can not recover your ACCOUNT, please create a new one or contact us at(for ...
Welcome to the new PJtherapeutic website! I hope you like it because it is more functio...

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  • ARK's Chew Bangle bracelet large

    €6.81 €8.51 -20%

    Does your child chew or bite on pens, cups, and straws while drinking? Is he biting sleeves and collars? These bracelets are just perfect chewy tool for him!

  • ARK's Chew Bangle bracelet small

    €6.62 €8.28 -20%

    Does your child chew on pens, cups, and straws while drinking? Does he bite sleeves and collars, bite his fingers? Speech bracelets are just perfect for him!

  • ARK's Krypto-Bite® Chewable Tube Necklace

    ARK's Krypto-Bite® Chewable Tube Necklace provides a safe, wearable, and discreet solution for kids and adults who bites on clothes, nails, fingers, pencils etc. It's gem/hexagon shape is very similar to the popular original Krypto-Bite®, except that it is slightly smaller and hangs horizontally instead.  Use this chewelry as an oral fidget to help calm, soothe, and self-regulate during times of stress, or to better focus during homework and other activities. 
  • BRUXI+kit

    €109.48 €156.40 -30%

    BRUXI + is a dental splint that protects the dental arches from grinding, additionally hindering the horizontal movement of the jaws and ensuring a good night's sleep.


    €3.32 €3.91 -15%

    Encourages tongue retraction and improved lip closure.


    €9.57 €11.96 -20%

    Vinyl examination gloves, 100 pcs, MEDIUM size


    €20.49 €22.77 -10%

    Enzymex L9 to bakteriobójczy, wirusobójczy i drożdżakobójczy płyn do dezynfekcji metodą zanurzeniową w wanience.

  • Facial Flex

    €36.62 €45.77 -20%

    An orofacial speech therapy tool. It develops a wide range of muscles around the mouth, chin and even neck, which are responsible for proper speech and swallowing processes. 

  • Finger coats 100PC

    €3.13 €3.91 -20%

    While gloves fold between the phalanges and certainly limit therapists’ touch sensitivity to patients’ muscle or skin reactions, the finger cots perfectly fit the body, do not impair its mobility and most of all, provide a safe physical contact.


    €47.52 €55.91 -15%

    Five Vibe is a complete personal oral-facial vibratory device that comes with 5 different textured interchangeable massage tips.

  • Honey bear bottle small

    €7.25 €8.05 -10%

    Honey bear bottle small

    The bottle encourages the small patients to learn drinking through a straw and allows them to control the fluid flow rate. It is an excellent way to transition from bottle feeding to cup drinking.

    The product consists of an anti-spill valve, bear shaped body (profiled bottle) and a cap with thick flexible tube.

    Note: for individual usage only.



  • MAROON Spoon - small

    €1.36 €1.51 -10%

    Small spoon for children with dysphagia, oral hypersensitivity and orbicularis oris muscle weakness.



    €279.45 €310.50 -10%

    Ergonomiczy kształt, superwydajna bateria, opcje inteligentnego wyboru programu, nie wymuszające odłożenia wibratora podczas zmiany trybu, wreszcie- moc 100/50 Hz, pionowe wibracje i zakres stosowania - wszystko to sprawia, że NOVAFON jest  kompletnym produktem dla profesjonalisty- logopedy i fizjoterapeuty i łatwym dla użytkownika docelowego.

  • NOVA CUP 250 ML

    €2.93 €3.45 -15%

    The cup is designed for patients with restricted neck and head movement - provides complete control of the fluid flow rate.


    €35.19 €41.40 -15%

    Siła wibracji NOVAFON z głowicami SENSI-ROLLER 100/50 Hz w wersjach POWER i PRO oraz 6 cm głęboka penetracja bodźca w zupełności wystarczą nawet dla podreaktywnych Pacjentów, nawet w leczeniu bólu stymulacja jest wystarczająca!

  • ORA light – large kit

    €45.54 €50.60 -10%

    The kit consists of 4 oral motor exercise tools  - larger ones for adults.


    €8.07 €8.97 -10%

    An instrument made of impact–resistant plastic, intended for individual use.

  • SENSI Jaw Tip

    €5.08 €5.98 -15%

    Use in conjunction with High Jaw Tip and Medium Jaw Tip in jaw grading exercises.

  • Sip-Tip® with select flow valve

    €12.21 €13.57 -10%

    Easy drinking for Patients who have problems generating and maintaining suction. It helps the transition from bottle-feeding to cup drinking easier. An individual can suck from the straw or can be helped by "pumping" the fluid up the straw with the flexible lid.


    €28.35 €33.35 -15%

    Set includes 12 horns and blowers for the use in accordance to the hierarchical protocol designed for speech and feeding therapies by the Talk Tools experts.

  • Z-vibe button tip set I

    €11.14 €13.11 -15%

    Set of the Z-vibe tips designed to lip training. Contains 2 tips.