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Z-vibe tip flat spoon textured
  • Z-vibe tip flat spoon textured
  • Z-vibe tip flat spoon textured

Z-vibe tip flat spoon textured


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A flat spoon designed for specialist feeding; due to its texture, we can use it when introducing hard and granular meals and for exercises of the R sound with a REREK speech therapy vibrator.


NEW 2021

A flat spoon for specialized feeding in cases of: - the need for sensory education (SI disorders); - introducing textured, granular and solid content into the diet; - developing the R sound with the use of REREK or Wiggler speech therapy vibrators; - lip exercises for feeding. The spoon is made of a medical grade elastomer, on one side it has tabs on the other side and stripes on the other side. Such invoicing provides the possibility of slow exercises both on muscle coordination while pumping food from a spoon and - sensory. We recommend the FLAT SPOON to special feeding of infants with SI disorders, Down syndrome population and Cerebral palsy Patients.



CAUTION: USE UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF A SPECIALIST OR GUARDIANS. The Z-vibe and Z-grabber speech therapy vibrators, accessories and spatulas are not toys and contain small parts that may cause choking.

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