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The ORASTIM speech therapy probe is a tool for intraoral stimulation - shaping sensation and placement.


ORASTIM is a product dedicated to specialists for sensory stimulation inside the mouth of patients after injuries and strokes; designed to access places that are difficult to stimulate, such as the sides of the tongue, or that are not accessible with traditional spatulas or probes. APPLICATION: intraoral stimulation using two different textures on both ends of the OraStimu - a smooth head or a head with hard nubs. The tips can be bent to facilitate access to remote or shaped areas. 1. OraStim may be used to stimulate the pharyngeal arch to induce/stimulate swallowing.

2. OraStim can be used as a taste tester by dipping its head into selected food substances.

3. OraStim can replace the ARK thermal head as a thermostimulator. Just dip it in cold water or an ice bucket.

GROUPS OF PATIENTS: patients with aphasia, patients after strokes, accidents, e.g. communication, nerve paralysis, after operations; INCLUDED: 1 OraStim spatula, INSTRUCTIONS;

DISINFECTION: dishwasher, soapy water;

NOTE: disinfect before first use.

USE INDIVIDUALLY Each use of OraStim must be preceded by a consultation with a speech therapist/other speech therapy specialist.



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