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Functional assessment and remediation of TOT's - workshops
Functional assessment and remediation of TOT's - workshops
Is your client or child tongue tied? Tongue tie is a common type of Tethered Oral Tissues (TOTs) or...
What's the best tool to work on the proper tongue posture?Most SLP's is sure that this is SPEECH BU...
My name is DANI...
My name is DANI...
..and I'm a new JIGGLER from Talk Tools. You can use my wings to practice lip closure and regulate ...
My preferred reccommendation - proPREEFER
My preferred reccommendation - proPREEFER
"Oral motor therapy exercise: Roll the proPreefer (or the Z-Vibe with the Preefer attachment) up a...
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We made our debut in 2006 by sending the first American Z-Vibes and scented,

flavored chews to our fellow speech therapists. It was not our ambition to

establish a shop, to create a website or to develop a consultancy... Our

knowledge of these great gadgets was still very limited. Weeks of translations

and correspondence, trials and experiments overfilled with doubt were required.

At that time we only wanted to talk big and to show that we were trendy,

working with the tools used by speech therapists in the United States, Hong

Kong and Australia. Today we keep discovering new tools, and around the world

we look for ideas for improvement and enhancing the speech therapies, to

better help all special children and to serve adult patients. We look far ahead to

see and shape the future of speech therapy.

We offer great discounts for resellers and workshops for SLP's and Parents!

Speech therapy tools

"Tools can be as basic as a mirror or a picture card." - Char Boshart ("22 of my favourite tools...")

Struggling with speaking, swallowing disorders and other issues of a similar nature? PJ Therapeutic is the shop for you! The online store was created for specialists, parents, children and adults. You will get here quality, modern solutions aimed at accelerating success of your treatment.

The speech therapy, oral motor tools, dysphagia products and other solutions were designed to suit your specific needs. To meet the requirements of a wide group of customers, the offer is very diverse. Find different Z-Vibe tips, chewing grabbers, special valves, cups and various accessories. Pick the most appropriate colour, suitable size, required shape as well as optimum hardness.

What is more, shipping in 24 hours and short delivery time give you extra comfort of shopping online. At the same time the solutions from leading, well-known brands are available at low prices. Purchase state-of-the-art speech therapy tools, oral motor solutions or dysphagia products at minimum cost!

Search for the tips for Z-Vibe oral motor exercises, find dysphagia products for you and/or your child or patient. Browse the full offer of speech therapy tools. Trust the experience and reliability of one of the best brands!