Pasta for fluoroscein technique designed by Payne
  • Pasta for fluoroscein technique designed by Payne


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Tongue position during oral phase of swallowing can be assessed clinically with fluoroscein technique designed by Payne. This technique shows tongue contacts during deglutition after the first swallow on command. 

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Occlusal alterations in the anterior area, thumb sucking, pacifier use, oral breathing, and the lip interposition habit should be considered as ethiological factors that impair tongue position during swallow (tongue thrust). Moreover, "forward lingual resting position interferes with normal anterior teeth eruption!"

Early myofunctional diagnosis can save money on braces and other dental appliances.

Put 4 drops of the PAYNE PASTA at the surface of the tongue and check with the fluorescein lamp what is the tongue placement during swallow.

Do you find tongue position against the palatal surface of the upper incisors or at the palatal rugae?

Read the manual carefully.

If neccesary check out the recommended publication:

Gonzalez P, Martínez MB, Sierra V, Rueda ZV, Botero-Mariaca P. Tongue position assessment during oral phase deglutition in children with anterior open bite and normal vertical overbite. J Indian Soc Pedod Prev Dent 2019;37:167-71

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