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special cup for stroke Patients
  • dysphagia cup
  • dysphagia cup
  • special cup for stroke Patients



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A crucial factor in feeding of Dysphagia Patients is head position.

"The head extended up and back is associated with an open jaw position, poor lip closure, tongue thrust and difficulty initiating the trigger of swallowing reflex. Conversely, a flexed head position is associated with improved lip seal, reduced tongue thrust, prompter swallow trigger and increased palatal movement."

(Working with Dysphagia, L. Marks, D. Rainbow, Oxon 2001)

The Dysphagia cup is recommended for Patients who have difficulty with swallowing without neck flexion and head movement.


Many Patients have limited possibilities of neck (and head) movement. A specialized mug is a great help in everyday life for them.

DYSPHAGIA CUP Cup is recommended for patients who have difficulty with swallowing without neck flexion.

• Designed to allow drinking without tilting the head back.

• Its shape provides direct fluid flow to the center of the mouth.

• Made of durable non-toxic polycarbonate (stand with polyethylene - optional)

• Perfectly balanced. • Comfortable handle

• One piece construction - more hygienic.

• Available in cream and green.

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