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If Jezus...
If Jezus...
...was born in our times, he would probably practice chewing on BABY grabbers! All in one - text...
Start from the jaw!
Start from the jaw!
Competition? It is known that it is the consumer who benefits best. The products in our offer devou...
TalkTools® Sensory Baby Chewys™
TalkTools® Sensory Baby Chewys™
It was obvious that BABY CHEWYS from Talk Tools would appear in our offer: bristling, spiky, groove...
During the first stage of swallowing
During the first stage of swallowing
..."the tongue tip is elevated to occlude the anterior part of the oral cavity at the alveoral ridg...
Facial Flex is back!
Facial Flex is back!
"As the facial muscles become stronger, they shorten and flatten, causing the attached skin to beco...

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List of products by brand Superduper Publications

  • The Oral Nasal Listener™


    The Oral Nasal Listener™

    is a unique, latex-free tool that provides high-quality auditory feedback for the client (child or adult) during speech evaluation and therapy.



    MOUTHY MOUTH is a model of the mouth with the movable tongue.

    The therapists can slip their fingers into the three pockets and simply show to the young patients where the points of articulation are (for the specific sound) or what the correct position of the tongue should be. 



    Five Vibe facial massager

    is a complete personal oral-facial vibratory device that comes with 5 different textured interchangeable massage tips.